Tuesday, January 12, 2010

These first 10 pictures were taken by Didsbury Dave. The next ones were from Don (VSP), then mine are the last ones. This is the Wedding chapel.

Tony D, making a toast.

The Bride and Groom.

Dinner party.

It was getting dark by the time the wedding party climbed into this Limo for the ride to the Restaurant.

No printed menus, so we had to read the walls. At least they had it on 3 walls in the room we ate in.

Jim's dad, and the entertainer of the evening.

A good picture before the sun went down.

Don always looks so serious...I'm glad he's not :-)

VSP, Steamboat, Sherm and Tony D.

Mr. James Sigelaar. The handsome Groom!

Today Jim's father gains a new daughter. And a fine one she is!

Maid of Honor, Mari Pederson, listens with Cat and James as the get the final instructions from the Reverand Dr. Aurore Leigh Barrett.

Whoa! Looks like Sherm needs a haircut!

A very nice Chapel. There were several theme rooms inside the main building. All very professional and nicely done.

It's all over. Mr. and Mrs. James Siegelaar are leaving the building!

Sherm waiting for the perfect shot. After looking at some of Don's and Dave's pictures, I think I need a little more practice. Anyone else going to have a wedding soon? :-)

Wolfie, Pat, Tony D., Steamboat and Dave watching the wedding party get into the Lim0.
The rest of us went in the Inamasu Raingear Limo from Stockton, California. No wonder the wedding party beat us to the Restaurant. :-)

I think Wolfie is having James autograph his program.

Inside the Limo, ready to roll to the Hole in the Wall.

The bartender in the Hole in the Wall looks happy to see us.

Reading the menu on the walls. No printed menu in here.

It was nice to have Steamboat from BC, Canada surprise us by showing up for the wedding. A new vroc face, but I'm sure we'll be seeing more of him.

Are we having fun yet?

Top shelf entertainment.

Don is resting up after a busy day.

Best Man, Didsbury Dave, made the traditional toast to the Bride and Groom. Fine job, Dave.

Jim's dad, Wim Siegelaar, getting ready to dig in.

Pat says, "Are you going to eat all that?". Yep, sure did! And it was worth every bite. 2 months of Nutrisystem took a set back.

Food, wine, and laughter. Don't get much better than this. Oh, and a wedding too!

I think Steamboat got broken in right at his first vroc function.

Serenading the Bride and Groom.

Tony says it's been a long time since his Treasure Island Buffet, Bring on the food!

Sharing a Tiramisu, the most Heavenly Italian dessert! Better than any wedding cake!

After a large meal, a Heavenly dessert, and wonderfully sweet Cappachino, and a wedding, these two have had a long and happy day.

Some of the waiters at the Hole in the Wall.

Jim and Didsbury Dave, the best man.

The traditional sharing of the cake. In this case, a nice dessert.

Steamboat, Sherm, Pat, Wim, Tony D, and Wolfy. Waiting for the ceremony to start.

After the wedding, this is the photographer that comes with the chapel.

Jim and Cat, we're all gathering at the Wedding Chapel.

Pat, Don, Tony and Wolfie. The lobby of the Chapel.

Family and friends visiting outside while the arrangements are going on inside.

The Reverand is giving more instructions for the ceremony.

Wim, Jim's dad, Tony and Wolfie

Still outside the Tuscan Garden room where they will be married. Getting final instructions.

Last picture as a couple of singles! We can't take any picture inside the actual ceremony room, so this is the last one before the wedding.

It's all over! Mr. and Mrs. James Siegelaar. The ceremony was good, had a Celtic theme. The lady with the dark glasses conducted it, and did a good job.

The pressure is off! Now time to visit and eat.

Besides the Tuscan Garden room where they were married, there was about 4 other theme rooms. You can even drive through and get married. The sign looks a little like Taco Bells, we did see a small dog inside, but no tacos.

Elvis is leaving the building.

The photographer is finished, so now it's Don's and my turn to take some shots of the happily married couple.

Don is looking a little serious here..Lighten up, VSP! :-)

Where's the tacos? Oh, I get it, these are Wedding Bells!

It will be a special memory for sure. For all of us, and especially the Bride and Groom!

Ready to hit the road.

Inside the limo. Wim is waiting for the ride to the restaurant.

Wolfie rode the token motorcycle to the wedding. Actually DD rode all the way up from Phoenix, via Yuma on his Wing to get here. He left his bike at the motel.

Inside the Restaurant

Menu is on the walls

Simple but tasty salad! Sure beats Nutrisystem.

Dave made a nice toast to the newly married couple.

Pat's shrimp scampi. All the meals come with an entree, a pasta side dish, salad or soup, all the red or white wine you want, and an excellent cup of cappachino. Some had dessert, but most of us were too stuffed for it.

My 16 oz. Ribeye. The potatoes were blended with sour cream and a little horse radish. Just delicious!

The Wedding Cake!

Don is winding down with his coffee.

Steamboat(John) and Tony, the end of an excellent meal with even better company!

Men's room at Battista's Hole in the wall.

One the Strip.

Sign over the door. A night to remember!

The wedding party.

Steamboat (John) and Tony D.

Waiting for our food. The service was fast and friendly.

The waiter is pointing out someone on the menu. He was very professional.

Cat's son, Charly, Jim's dad, Wim on the left, Charly's wife, Aimee, Cat's grandaughter Gaea, and Jim's daughter next to Aimee on the right.

An Italian cow with big teeth

Cat, Jim and DD.

There are hundreds of photos from singers and actors on the walls. This is a popular place.

The bar on Battista's

One of the several collections of miniture bottles inside the restaurant

More stuff

More people pics. That's Jerry Lewis in the clown suit

And still more. These are just a very small sampling of the walls inside.

Last picture. We're all full and happy. Thanks, James and Cat. It was a perfect evening, and the wedding was a special time all of us will remember.